• Suciyanti N. Tayeb Universitas Bina Mandiri Gorontalo
  • Yolan Dunggio
  • Muh. Rizman Naim
Keywords: Dermatophyta Fungi , Online Motorcycle Helmets , Qualitative


Dermatophyta is a group of fungi that cause diseases of the skin that attack keratin parts such as the hair. Tinea capitis is a scalp disorder caused by the fungus Dermatophyta of the genus Trichopyton and Microsporum .

This study aims to determine the results of examination of dermatopyta fungi on online motorcycle taxi helmets in Kota Selatan District, Gorontalo City.

The method in this study used a qualitative approach, namely examination of dermatopyta fungi on online motorcycle taxi helmets for each inspection method . The type of research in this research is descriptive observational research .

The results showed that from examining 10 samples on online motorcycle taxi helmets, it was found that 8 samples (80%) were positive for fungus and 2 samples (20%) were negative for Dermatophyta fungus . The 8 samples examined were not from Dermatophyta fungi . The types of fungi found in 8 samples were Rhizopus Sp 2 samples (20%), Aspergillus niger 3 samples (30%), Aspergillus fumigatus 3 samples (30%) and Aspergillus oryzae 2 samples (20%).



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Suciyanti N. Tayeb, Yolan Dunggio, & Muh. Rizman Naim. (2022). DESCRIPTION OF DERMATOPYTA FUNGUS ON OJEK HELMETS ONLINE IN KOTA SELATAN DISTRICT GORONTALO CITY. Journal of Health, Technology and Science (JHTS), 3(1), 73-82.